sara r. radin

Hi ;) it's me, your local vulnerability champion!

I'm a writer, curator and community builder based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I write about art, culture, women's issues and mental health and often pen personal essays, exploring topics such as identity, menstruation, and body image. I share deeply personal experiences as a way to break down stigmas, critique culture, and incite change. Outside of this, I orchestrate all kinds of events including poetry readings, writing workshops, art pop-ups, disco parties, panels and coffee meet-ups in places as far New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, London and more. Additionally, I am the co-founder & creative director of It's Not Personal, a growing anthology & collective inspired by the female dating experience.

I've also taught the precollege program at the Fashion Institute of Technology and I have been a mentor for Girls Write Now for the past two years.

Things I am passionate about: storytelling, reading memoirs, challenging taboos, mentoring and collaborating with like-minded folks, fostering community and spreading the cathartic powers of creativity, sharing my personal learnings and growing pains, lifting others up and giving them a platform to share their voices, and taking pictures with disposable cameras.

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