sara r. radin

Hi there! I am a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. My writing focuses on youth culture, art, fashion, and identity. I am passionate about using my voice to challenge societal stigmas and lift up marginalized communities. Currently, I am the Fashion and Beauty Features Editor at Teen Vogue.

Outside of this, I’ve orchestrated various gatherings including poetry readings, writing workshops, art pop-ups, disco parties, panels and coffee meet-ups in places as far New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, London and more. My 2018 event, Period Party, was organized in honor of World Menstrual Hygiene day, and was covered by the New York Times. Previously, I taught the precollege program at the Fashion Institute of Technology and I was a former mentor for Girls Write Now.

Things I am passionate about: storytelling, reading memoirs, mentoring young people, collaborating with like-minded folks, fostering community, spreading the cathartic powers of creativity, sharing my personal learnings and growing pains, lifting others up and giving them a platform to share their voices, and taking pictures with disposable cameras.

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Photo by  Lauren Tepfer

Photo by Lauren Tepfer