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Is the media helping us foster more empathy for addicts?

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Everything you need to know about being an empath


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The Hard Truth About Rory and Lorelai’s Relationship on ‘Gilmore Girls’

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The Work of Laura Aguilar Exemplifies the Intersectional Struggle of Marginalized People

How Cheer Up Luv is creating a therapeutic, online community for victims of harassment

She met her husband on Instagram. Now a widow, she’s using the app to heal from her loss.


I lost touch with Judaism while I was depressed. Jewish food brought me back to life.


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How to establish a sense of home during the holidays, even if you're not "going home"

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Codependency made it impossible for me to accept myself

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3 Tips For Staying Close to Your Married Friends

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CUNT: Understanding the Contemporary & Cultural Perception of a Word

We Need To Talk About Menstruation

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Meet Lipslut, the Anti-Trump Brand Creating Socially Conscious Cosmetics

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I'm Single and Still Writing My Own Story

Dating and the Land of In Between


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The Secrets of Women Who Know How to Fake Good Sleep


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Why Anxiety Gets in the Way of Getting Off, and What We Can Do About It

Why I Choose to Be Celibate

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Sex & Disability: A Visibility Series (Part I)

Sex & Disability: A Visibility Series (Part II)

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